Big Data in simple words

Traditional data generation is happening at a record rate. In between 2009-2010, the world generated over 1 Zetabytes of data by 2014 it may go up to 8 Zetabytes a year. Regular Increment of this data is the result of a drastic increase in devices located at the edge of the network including Satellite, 4G [...]

Interacting with the people of Bhujia tribe and educating them about their land rights.

A learning from my “rural” internship!

This article is inspired by my experience of working with an NGO named Ekta Parishad which works for land rights in the rural/tribal areas of Chhattisgarh. There is a craze for industrialization within India at the moment… and there is a real feeling against all things rural. Rural life is being destroyed without creating any opportunities in urban areas. This [...]

Playing with kids of the Kotri Village, Rajasthan.

A poem dedicated to the “orientation camp” of Pravah’s Student Mobilization Initiative!

“I went on this journey without knowing what the destination was.. We all were strangers there but perhaps for a common cause.. We were a group of fifteen, all of a different kind.. Three facilitators accompanied us with something in their mind.. Villages in India has so much to teach.. But the system here has [...]


Power of Cloud Computing and Windows Azure!

There is one world famous cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Subramaniyam, at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. When he enters the operation theatre, the patient is already anesthetized, the patient’s chest is incised open and the heart is ready to be operated on. So when Dr. Subramaniyam enters the operation theatre he just fixes the heart, [...]