Power of Cloud Computing and Windows Azure!

windows_azureThere is one world famous cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Subramaniyam, at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. When he enters the operation theatre, the patient is already anesthetized, the patient’s chest is incised open and the heart is ready to be operated on. So when Dr. Subramaniyam enters the operation theatre he just fixes the heart, does not even stitch it back and moves on to the next patient. The rest of the procedure is done by other assisting doctors.

“You can be exceptionally good at something only when you specialize in it. You cannot afford to waste time on something that you can delegate or outsource.”

In the earlier days, large businesses and corporations had to manage resources like storage, cooling, power and security, diverging the resources from core development and innovation. Don’t you think things become so painless if you could delegate these non-essential chores?

Welcome to Cloud computing and synonymous with it - Windows Azure!

Windows Azure is an industry leading platform for cloud computing. When you have an idea, all that you need to focus is on development, staging, testing and production – that’s basically doing, what you should be doing. Windows Azure platform provides its own distributed cloud operating system for hosting your applications.

On location computing can be expensive. You need to buy hardware, software, you need to worry about licensing, and you have to pay people to maintain everything, not to mention update and real estate cost and a whole bunch of other expenses. Relief from capital investment and rising operational costs is what businesses deserve. Windows Azure has three main components: Fabric, Storage and Developer Experience.

So with cloud computing how do you gain?

You don’t need to purchase servers, software, data-centre or network equipments because that will be taken care of by the Fabric component of Windows Azure.

Have you realized that you actually overpay for storage space? When you buy a fixed storage you don’t utilize all of it at the very start. Why pay in the present for some consumption in the future? The Storage component of Azure introduces the concept of elastic scalability – you only pay for what you use. An additional feature of Windows Azure is the Content Delivery Network which substantially increases the bandwidth of your network, reduces data redundancy and easier disaster recovery.

Windows Azure and cloud computing is just not a new concept, it’s a new revolution!

The future is calling, are you listening?

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