A poem dedicated to the “orientation camp” of Pravah’s Student Mobilization Initiative!

Playing with kids of the Kotri Village, Rajasthan.

Playing with kids of the Kotri village in Rajasthan.

ā€œI went on this journey without knowing what the destination was..
We all were strangers there but perhaps for a common cause..

We were a group of fifteen, all of a different kind..
Three facilitators accompanied us with something in their mind..

Villages in India has so much to teach..
But the system here has made them out of our reach..

Sessions at Manthan helped us to know ourselfs better..
and there is nothing as good as cooking food together..

Suddenly everything from Bal Sansad to Night Schools started making sense..
Because of scarcity of water the situation there was tense..

The tractor journey to Paner was a lot of fun..
And the hospitality of the villagers were second to none..

//Coming to our group!



Rahul was innocent Ashutosh was loyal..
Sankalp had big dreams and Ravinder was a lawyer..

Srilekha used to think a lot and was full of questions..
Even Geetika and Pritii had a lot of confusion..

Anjali was the mischievous one of the lot..
Arushi was the prettiest of them all..

Kamal, Mitish, Hemant were honest and humble..
and the prettiest girl in the group came from a jungle..

Kalyani was smart and Purnima was talented..
Iā€™m missing you and I wish it had never ended..ā€

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