Bazinga – Fun with Music

Objective: To develop a fun based android application which enables users to get an insight into their friend’s life through a “melody”. The application assigns musical notes of an instrument to an individual. The intensity and pitch of these notes vary in accordance to the activities of that individual throughout the day.

2nd Prize, Project Presentation, Apogee 2011, BITS Pilani

Tools Used:
Application Development: Android SDK, Eclipse IDE
Musical Notes: Sibelius

Application Walk-through:
1. The user opens the application on his android phone and select the friends with whom he wants to jam today.
2. He then selects the start time, end time, genre and chooses an instrument which he wants to play and sends the invite to other friends to join.
3. His friends get notification and each one of them gets to choose the instrument which they want to play. And then they simply keep their phone in their pocket and go about their daily routine.
4. The application logs the GPS data of each person and accordingly assigns musical notes and stores it on a cloud. The notes for different places are assigned differently. For instance, a club/bar is assigned a high note while a lonely place is assigned a soft note. Number of notes when combined together creates a melody.
5. At the end of the day, the melody of all the instruments is played together and an orchestra kind of music is produced.

-Thus by using this application one can know what’s going in their friend’s life by observing the musical patterns. For instance, if the flute sounds soft throughout the day, we know that this guy misses the fun element in his life. :P