Use of Swarm Intelligence and Agent Based Modelling for designing architecture plans for emergency evacuation

Objective: To design a virtual infrastructure and simulate evacuation process so as to predict the best design for emergency evacuation.

Application: Emergency evacuation plans involve risk due to chaos. Unorganized and constricted exit pathways are the main cause of these casualties. Psychological surveys suggest that most people instinctively follow others in times of crisis. To ensure safer and organized evacuations, certain architectural elements need to be added. Using Swarm Intelligence, human behavior in times of crisis can be simulated and necessary additions to existing infrastructure or prior to building an infrastructure can be figured out.

Simulation Environment: Netlogo 3D


1. First Prize, Cyberfiesta 2012 – Software Design Contest, BITS Pilani

2. Second Prize, Project Presentation, Infrastructure Category, Apogee 2011

*Update: Code of this project can now be accessed through my Github account.