Universal Patient Information Retrival System

Objective: To develop a software application to archive and retrieve each patient’s database for decision-making by physicians, researchers, statisticians and the governments in the long run. The Unique Identification Number (popularly known as Aadhar number in India) will serve as a patient reference to support this database.


  • Organized patient medical history
  • Reduced paper work
  • Accessibility
  • Speedy transfer of bills for medical insurance cover
  • Vast amount of database can be subjected to research
  • Drug Mining – Charting drug efficiencies, side-effects, etc.
  • Detecting Drug Interference or Disease Drug Interference – Certain drug combinations are lethal and should not be prescribed, similarly under certain conditions/disease, not all drugs can be prescribed

Finalist, 2012 Elixir Innovation Competition, Techfest – IIT Bombay.